Research Papers and Publications

A list of papers and publications I have been working on or written.

Statistical Analysis of Uncertainties in Deterministic Computational Modeling - Application to Composite Process Resin Infusion Flow Model.

Deterministic physics-based flow modeling provides an effective way to simulate and understand the resin flow infusion process in liquid composite molding processes and its variants. These are effective to provide optimal injection time and locations prior to gelation for given process parameters of resin viscosity and preform permeability.

V. A. KelkarR. V. MohanH. ShiferawA. D. Kelkar

Probabilistic Analysis of Property Uncertainties Using Resin Infusion Flow Modeling and Simulations – Resin Viscosity And Preform Permeability

For LCM processes modeling and optimization substantial amount of research and work has been done. Several researches have been done based one-dimensional mold filling models, thin-shell molds, and three-dimensional models that simulate the mold filling, and heat transfer and curing stages.

H. Shiferaw